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Geordie’s office Christmas party was this past Saturday. Since it was at a nice hotel and a nice party, guests were asked to dress appropriately, which meant semi-formally. Which further meant a cocktail dress for me and jacket and tie for Geordie.

Sometimes I wonder why I take him anywhere.

Sometimes I wonder why I take him anywhere.

Much better. He can behave when he needs to. Briefly.

Much better. He can behave when he needs to. Briefly.

It was not the best Christmas party I’ve ever been to. The food was mediocre (various hors d’oeuvres, some unimpressive cruditès, and a potato masher bar which didn’t open until after we had filled up on less enticing fare), the music was loud, the rented room was too small, the people were plentiful, and the holiday movie shown in the courtyard was Jim Carrey’s “The Grinch.” It was . . . well, it was pretty average. Certainly not the highlight of the weekend. But it was good to go and meet a few more of the people Geordie works with and to see co-workers I’ve already met.

Next weekend will also be a busy one, but hopefully with better food. We’re having dinner at European-style restaurant with a focus on French cooking. Very much a Christmas present to ourselves! I’m looking forward to it. While it has been much fun learning how to cook French food for myself, it’s always enjoyable to go out and have a meal that’s prepared by an expert. Bon appètit!

Happy Veteran’s Day to all those who have served our country, who serve it still, and will serve in the future. Your sacrifice is our freedom, and as a country and as individuals, we are forever grateful.

And especially to my own personal veteran, who served long before he met me and therefore doesn’t seem to have any pictures of himself in uniform hanging around. I’m sure he was quite handsome. He still is.

On vacation for our first anniversary back in May 2012.

I love you, husband.


I am a daughter and a sister, a wife and a friend. I am a reader and a writer, a dreamer and a realist, a teacher and a learner. I am the mother of a baby born sleeping. I am on a journey of healing, walking a path paved with tears and grief and hope.

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