I only made one soup. This trio of soups is meant to be served as a starter course or even as an series of appetizers. Each soup features a particular vegetable: red pepper, broccoli, and asparagus.

Neither Geordie nor I like peppers, red or otherwise. And I dislike broccoli so much that I refuse to even allow it into the house (perhaps if it weren’t so stinky I would loosen that rule). That left us with asparagus, which – fortunately – Geordie and I are both fond of.

I don’t normally do appetizers at home. Or courses. Everything goes on the table at once, it’s just easier that way. So the asparagus soup became part of the main meal. I decided to serve it with a grilled cheese sandwich. I constructed it as such: turkey, thick slices of Gruyere, and lingonberry jam. This worked out well because I could make up the soup, puree it, and then leave it to keep warm on the stove while the sandwiches were made. It worked especially well because we took turns eating because Hannah has decided that 7 pm works just as well for her dinner as it does for ours. That’ll be nice in a few months when she can join us at the table (unless she changes her mind, which seems not just possible but likely, her being a baby and all), but right now, it’s a tad inconvenient for whoever is doing the feeding – which would invariably be Geordie. At that time of the day, it’s his turn.

So, the soup and sandwich thing worked out great; there was warm soup waiting for him while he made his sandwich, so he could have a hot meal when he was ready. He did burn the sandwich, though, but at least it wasn’t Hannah’s fault.

Anyway. The soup.


I wanted to like this soup. It’s very simple to make: chicken broth, chopped asparagus, chopped zucchini, salt, and pepper. Boiled until tender, blended, and done. Very simple. It was supposed to be topped with unsweetened whipped cream, but I didn’t bother to do that. I just swirled in some cream before eating. It needs that creaminess.

It’s a thin soup. A very thin soup. I’m not overly fond of thin soups, and this one was particularly one-note. The taste was fine, it just needed a bit more. Geordie said he wouldn’t mind if I made it again, it just needed something. Sausage and/or chicken were his first suggestions (meat usually is his first suggestion). Noodles was his second, and I actually rather like the sound of that. With maybe a bit more in the flavor department. It did have a lovely, fresh, springy taste to it, but it bordered on bland. We’re wondering if we couldn’t add something that would jazz it up a bit.

So, it wasn’t terribly thrilling, but it wasn’t just plain terrible either. It probably would have been more interesting with the other soups, but I’m just as happy not knowing that for certain. Perhaps with a bit of tweaking, this could be something that we really enjoy and wouldn’t mind making again and again. With such an easy, simple base, I could see it becoming a staple.

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