This week, the AC went out on Monday evening while I was cooking dinner. It didn’t get fixed until Wednesday, and I’m sure it would come as no surprise to know that I had no interest in cooking on Tuesday or Wednesday. So, this week was a little weird. I did, however, do a bit of cooking, so here’s what we got.


Pork with Apples and Cheese Grits (from the Pioneer Woman)


Awesome, awesome, awesome. I want this all the time. I usually don’t like anything sweet with my grits, but the apple-maple sauce on the meat also goes wonderfully with the grits. The grits recipe that goes along with this also includes bacon, but I didn’t feel like messing around with that, and I don’t feel that the grits really needed it. This was perfect just as it was. Naturally, grits take a little extra effort, but on the plus side, the pork and apples were really easy to do.


Taco Salad with Dorie Greenspan’s Roasted Corn (from Around My French Table)
bonus recipe: Taco Filling for Freezing (from Martha Stewart)

Not very pretty, but fortunately, very tasty.

Not very pretty, but fortunately, very tasty.

First off, the taco meat recipe makes a ton, and it freezes exceptionally well. We had enough left over for two meals (plus leftovers from those). I’ve been making an effort recently to collect freezer recipes, because I know cooking is probably not going to be my top priority after Niko arrives. I almost always make taco salads when we have a taco night. It’s not as attractive, but it’s a lot easier on me. The roasted corn went really nicely in this, adding in a little bit of sweetness. Tomatoes, Romaine lettuce, and avocado rounded out the veggies, and of course, there’s cheese and sour cream to top it all off. A little hot sauce, and this is easily one of my favorite quick meals.


Summer Gazpacho Soup (from The Naked Kitchen)


As it turned out, the repairman had to come again on Friday to adjust something on the AC, so it was turned off all afternoon while I was prepping this soup. Fortunately, the only cooking this soup requires it heating up some chicken broth. Everything after that is done with the food processor, and then it’s put in the fridge to chill. Thus, making it the best thing to make on Friday. Once the AC was back on, it took a while to cool down the house again, so it was nice to have this cool, refreshing soup. It probably wasn’t as good as the previous week’s chilled tomato soup, and it did taste strongly of cucumber (not my favorite veggie), but it was exactly what we needed that night.