This should have been duck breasts with fresh peaches. Our local supermarket did not have duck breasts, and I did not allow myself the indulgence of going to Whole Foods for them because I knew I’d never be able to get through the store without buying something else. I’m budgeting us pretty strictly now because of Geordie’s one-day-a-week furlough, and I’ve promised myself that there will be no trips to Whole Foods until October unless absolutely necessary. (Except now the furlough has been lifted and we’ll be back to regular paychecks next month, hurrah! so maybe I’ll make a trip to Whole Foods in September just to celebrate.) For this week, the supermarket did have turkey breast cutlets, and I found those to be an acceptable substitute.

As for the raspberries . . . well, for one thing, they’re easier to work with than peaches. And for another, I’m not a big fan of peaches. They’re okay, but if I have other options, I’m going to take them. So, raspberries it is.


The sauce was the best part of this (although I’m sure the duck would have been the best, had there been duck). Perfectly tangy, with just the right amount of sweet – it totally made the dish for me. Because of the raspberries, I used my raspberry-balsamic vinegar (easily my favorite condiment), and that amped up the flavor wonderfully. This sauce even went well with the spinach-tomato Israeli couscous I hastily slapped on as a side dish. The raspberries themselves were adequate, being a little too much on the tart side to be really terrific.

I still think duck would have been better. The turkey made an okay substitute, but it wasn’t duck. Geordie confessed to me that he likes turkey better than duck anyway, which led me to wonder why I’d married him. I came to the conclusion that it’s because he does such a wonderful job at doing dishes and never complains while doing them. I suppose that makes up for liking turkey better than duck.

I’d definitely make this again (with duck breasts), if only to try it with other fruits. We discussed the possibility of pears and figs, and in the future, I might even be persuaded to try peaches. No matter the fruit, this would no doubt be a perfectly tasty dish. I’m considering using the sauce on its own in the future, considering how utterly delightful it was. Certainly, this is something that would be welcome on the table at any time of the year.

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