I meant to post these before I went off on my vacation, but – obviously – I didn’t. Better late than never, right? I didn’t do a whole lot of exciting cooking this past week since I was still “recovering” from my vacation. In fact, we ate at Maggiano’s one night and had leftovers for three days. I’ve already got next week’s menu planned out and hope to get right back into the swing of things tomorrow.


Best-Ever American Meatloaf (from Eating for Pregnancy)


Was it the best-ever? I don’t know. I’ve eaten some good meatloaf. This one was exceedingly tasty, though. The only complaint we had was that it could have used more of the ketchup-molasses-mirin glaze that was spread on top. It was sweet, but not overly so, and complemented the savoriness of the meatloaf quite well. But, really, the best thing about it was that it was so frickin’ big and just as good as leftovers. We ate on it for an entire week without getting tired of it.


Lentil Soup with Spinach (from Eating for Pregnancy)


A healthy, yummy soup full of good things for pregnant ladies: spinach and lentils, mostly. Also, carrots. I liked this a lot more than I thought I would, and I’d definitely make it again – it’d be great in autumn. It’s quite filling and very comforting. Best of all, it cooks in the crockpot all day and requires very little effort on the cook’s part. Could definitely use some bread, though. It’s a great soup for bread-sopping.


Chorizo Quiche (from Sandwich Sunday)


We both had a hankering for chorizo, and I really wanted to make a quiche, and this fit the bill. I tweaked it a bit to fit our needs, and it came out quite nice. For one thing, I made a big quiche instead of little quichelets. I’d definitely make this again, but with a few more tweaks. I’d leave out the fontina cheese entirely (we didn’t taste it at all, and it seemed to add nothing else to the quiche) and add a little more goat cheese. I’d also seriously consider doubling the amount of shredded zucchini. I could barely tell it was there, and I don’t think Geordie would have noticed if I hadn’t told him about it. Which I guess is fine if you’re doing the sneaky thing, but I like zucchini, and I really wanted to know it was there.


Beer-Braised Chili Nachos (from Spork or Foon?)


We debated a lot about what we wanted for our 4th of July dinner: hamburgers? hotdogs? steak? Nothing really excited us. Then, I suggested nachos. Bingo. I’ve done really well with staying away from alcohol during pregnancies (it’s easy when the mere smell of it makes me feel a little icky), but I do still like to cook with it. Pasta sauce just isn’t the same without a little red wine in it. So I didn’t have any qualms about this recipe, which calls for some good beer to braise the meat in. Smelled great, tasted great. And though this was a delicious nacho dish, it could have been better. It needs more tomatoes in the chili, at least twice as much as what the recipe suggest. Three times would be better. A topping of fresh tomatoes and avocado would also be good. Really, it was tasty; it just needed some more vegetable matter.


Pork “Schnitzel” (from Tracey’s Culinary Adventures)


Not quite a schnitzel, but close enough. I used cutlets, which were already pretty thin, and so did not need any hammering. Whatever. This was a tasty meal, not overly heavy. Served with a little mound of mashed potatoes (I went ahead and made them with milk and topped them with cheese, two things I don’t do so very often with my mashed potatoes any more) and some steamed snow peas. Healthy and delicious!


Chicken Thighs with Carrots & Honey (from Love & Olive Oil)


Yum yum yum. There’s really not much else I can say about this meal. It was exceedingly uninvolved, one of those “throw all together and let it cook” deals. It may have been a bit too much honey, but not so much that it was overly sweet. The sauce also went great with the couscous, which was good because couscous is almost always too dry for me. Golden raisins would be a nice addition to this, but it’s pretty near perfect on its own.