Not much to say about this week. Simple meals, all of which were easy and fast to make. Pretty much about what I can handle right now.


Buffalo Turkey Burgers (from Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook), sweet potato fries, and carrots


I am a sucker for anything with buffalo sauce. (The recipe actually called for “Louisiana hot sauce,” which I’m not convinced is the same thing as buffalo sauce, so I used Frank’s.) The ground turkey is mixed up with some sauce and spices, and the recipe had celery as a burger topping, which I thought was a little weird. Also, I hate celery, so it was definitely out. And I made my burgers on the small side, so they’re a little sad-looking. I wish they tasted better, but I actually think that has to do with the current state of my tastes than the recipe itself. This had way too much cumin in it. Geordie thought they were fine, so maybe I’m just sensitive to cumin right now? I’d make these again, but I’d cut way back on the cumin. And add a little more sauce. The recipe suggested 1 tablespoon of sauce to be divided among 4 hamburger buns. I’m pretty sure we used about a tablespoon each. It’s an okay recipe, but it really needs some adjusting.


Bacon Mac & Cheese (from Food Network Magazine) and corn


Definitely not healthy, but it was Mother’s Day, and I wanted some comfort food. A little complicated, because it was all made from scratch (well, except for the pasta). Good mac and cheese has to start with a good homemade cheese sauce. There’s no getting around it. It’s totally worth it. Not something I’d make often, but definitely a nice treat every once in a while. Like, maybe once a month. If that. But, oh, it’s so good.


Tomato, Basil, and Three Cheese Ravioli with bolognese sauce and salad


I did not make this ravioli. I do not usually buy prepackaged ravioli from the store – for so many reasons. Our local grocery store, however, carries its own brand of all-natural ravioli, which also eschews the use of added colors and preservatives. There’s nothing on the ingredient list that doesn’t belong there. Including onions! So, I’m cool with it. The sauce was leftover from my homemade batch last week, so that’s something. This was a great meal to have on Monday, a day which is usually a tiring one for me. The salad took longer to put together than the pasts dish. The salad, by the way, was pretty blah. Salads really aren’t my thing. The homemade croutons were a nice touch, but still. It’s just lettuce and carrots. At least the raspberry-balsamic vinegar was awesome.


Hamburgers with sweet potato fries


Pretty standard stuff here. Nothing I haven’t done before. I used frozen sweet potato fries because I didn’t feel like messing with sweet potatoes, and I still haven’t perfected the crispiness of homemade fries. This was just a nice, filling dinner that took no time at all, and I really don’t have anything bad to say about it.


Grits with Avocado, Cheese, and Bacon

Um, I seem to have forgotten to get a picture of this. But,  that’s okay. It was just grits, with some cheese, avocado, and bacon. And a little chipotle chili powder. Nothing very exciting. But it was easy to make, very fast to put together, and hit my comfort food craving right on the nose. Mmm, grits.


Toasted Fruity Israeli Couscous (from Five Ingredient Fix) and corn


I really wish I liked this book better than I actually do. Some of the recipes in it are really fantastic, and others are just . . . well, a little on the dull side. This is one that I had marked for making, and I made it this week because it sounded pretty simple to do. And it was. The couscous is toasted along with some pistachios, then you just add water and cook the couscous as you normally would. Toasting it first really does bring out a nice level of flavor. After cooking, I threw in some chopped dried apricots and some golden raisins, along with some shredded chicken. Before serving, it got a splash of blood orange olive oil (which I had also used to cook the chicken in), which added an extra zing of fruitiness. This was a pretty decent dish and took very little in the way of effort. And that’s the nice thing about the recipes in this book: when they work, they really do work.