I totally intended to cook more for my in-laws while they were visiting, but between my sleepiness and our busy schedule of enjoying meals at San Antonio restaurants, I didn’t do much cooking. In fact, I made two meals (one of which the in-laws did not eat because they were out that evening playing a gig with old friends), two loaves of bread machine bread, and a pie. Oh, and some granola. Not the most exciting week, cooking-wise!


Spinach and Ricotta Pizza (from Cooking Season by Season)


My mother-in-law maintains a mostly vegetarian/vegan diet, so I tried to plan meals for the week accordingly (even though I didn’t actually use most of them, ah well). This one was extremely easy to throw together, especially since I already had the pizza dough defrosted and ready to go. Making the spinach was a bit of work, but it was worth it. The pizza isn’t very filling by itself, but my mother-in-law whipped up some guacamole and then sauteed some asparagus I had sitting in the fridge, and that rounded out the meal nicely.


Creamy Mushrooms and Eggs (from Around My French Table)


This was the week’s French Friday recipe, which I did not actually get around to making until Friday. I’m sure I will eventually get around to writing a post about it. In the meantime, I assure you that it was tasty. Certainly better than I thought it would be – and I had thought it would be pretty good anyway. Mushrooms are sauteed and then doused in cream. Lightly toasted brioche is placed on a plate and topped with scrambled eggs. (The original recipe called for poached eggs, which is how I prefer my eggs to be cooked. But, as we ended up using non-pasteurized eggs, we opted for scrambled. Not something I usually worry about, but no sense taking chances right now.) The creamed mushrooms are then spooned over the eggs, and that is that. A simple but delicious and irresistibly elegant meal. I could see us doing this for brunch on the weekends in the future. We both enjoyed it a great deal.


Blueberry Cream Pie (from A Cozy Kitchen)


The 4th was Kentucky Derby day, one of my favorite days of the year. I had intended to make a Kentucky Hot Brown Tart (because hot browns are the best thing ever, but they definitely aren’t healthy!), but we had such a large lunch that none of us felt like eating much for dinner. So I made a pie instead. After all, I had the crust defrosted, I needed to do something with it! This is a simple pie that doesn’t require much effort. It just involves waiting. It’s a cold pie, so the crust needs to be pre-baked and then cooled completely. Then the filling is made and put in the crust, and that needs to chill. But once it’s done, it’s very tasty. It has lots of cream (heavy cream and cream cheese) but only three tablespoons of sugar, so it’s not overly sweet. Not exactly traditional for Derby Day but it turned out rather well.