Usually when Geordie takes my cupcakes to work, he comes back and tells me that his co-workers gobbled them all up and they were thoroughly enjoyed. Every so often, he’ll add that someone commented that just plain chocolate or vanilla cupcakes would be fine too. I’m never quite sure how to interpret that. Are the cupcakes I make too complicated? Exotic? Weird? Or is it just that a good old-fashioned chocolate cupcake is a form of comfort food, and who wouldn’t want one of those every once in a while? (Probably that one.)

But often, the cupcakes I make are about making something I’ve never made before. I like to try new flavors, new methods. The more I bake, the better understanding I get about the basics. And I get to have a little fun with it. Experimentation in the kitchen is a good thing. But I appreciate the classics too. After all, chocolate cake, white cake, or yellow cake serve as the base for nearly every other cupcake out there. One of these days, I’m going to bake-test yellow cake recipes and finally see which one I really like best. Maybe white cake too. That’s on my baking bucket list. For now, I’ve already planned out which cupcakes I’m making in the next few weeks.

Then there are cupcakes like this one, which I decided to make simply because strawberries happened to be on sale last week.


There’s really not much too this. It’s a white cake with strawberries, topped with a strawberry coulis buttercream. I used this recipe from Baking and Cooking, A Tale of Two Loves. Except, instead of pureeing a few strawberries for the frosting, I used some of the strawberry coulis I had in the fridge from Valentine’s Day. Because the coulis already had sugar in it, I cut back on the powdered sugar that went into the frosting. It was still pretty sweet, but I had also reduced the amount of sugar in the cupcake, so it all worked together rather nicely.

The cake itself was kinda muffin-y, with big chunks of strawberry, but I thought it was a pretty fine cake. A very nice introduction to spring, which cannot get here fast enough, in my opinion. Temperatures have been up near 80° this week, and the forecast suggests it’s going to get even warmer next week. You won’t be hearing any complaints from me!

Also, today is Pi Day, and we’re celebrating with a classic southern Tomato Pie. Yum yum! Do yourself a favor and go out and have some pie today!