This week features the last hurrah of the Brussels sprout (I bought the last bag of good-looking ones, and with asparagus already starting to go on sale, I’m thinking my focus is going to shift over to spring real quick), as well as a couple choice recipes from the March edition of the Food Network Magazine – the Cheese Issue! I feel that, if I’m going to buy the magazine, I’d better make a few things from it. It will tell you how far I’ve come in the past few months when I saw the Brussels sprouts sandwich in this issue and knew at once that I had to make it. Now that’s progress!

(Sorry, BFF!)


Beef & Ale Cobbler (from Cooking Season by Season)


This was okay. Nothing sensational. I’ve made better things from this book. It’s a meat-based cobbler, which is a little weird – it’s basically a beef and ale stew with dumplings. The stew was good, but the cobbler part of it left something to be desired. The dumplings were supposed to be flavored with horseradish, which I do not like, so I used mustard instead. I don’t know if that change made them taste weird or if they just didn’t bake up well. I’d make the stew again, but instead of the cobbler, I’d just make some mashed potatoes and serve the stew over that. Sometimes simple is better!


Bacon-Sage Meatballs with Buttermilk Gravy (from The Kitchn) and balsamic-roasted Brussels sprouts & carrots


We really liked this meal. The meatballs were moist and packed full of flavor, and the tangy gravy complemented them nicely. The balsamic on the veggies didn’t really go well with the gravy, but that was probably for the best. If it had tasted good, I would have just poured gravy on everything and eaten it that way. This meal, with that gravy, just cries out for mashed potatoes, but instead, I was a good girl and rounded the meal out with all those veggies. The carrots roasted a little weird (they were a bit rubbery), but everything tasted terrific. We’d definitely do either one of these again. Maybe not together, but they’d play well with other dishes. The veggies would be good with steak. Mmmm.


Filet Mignon Diable (from Around My French Table) and roasted asparagus


I wrote about this yesterday, and there’s nothing much more to say here. This was quite tasty – and very easy to put together! I was surprised I liked the mustard sauce so much, and I’d definitely make it again. Geordie wants to try it with chicken, and I’m thinking that’s a good idea. This could become my favorite way to incorporate mustard into a meal!


Baked Spinach (from the Smitten Kitchen), homemade hummus, and chips


I had planned to make Saag Paneer with homemade paneer (challenge from the Food Network Magazine!), but in the mid-morning – when I went to start making the paneer – I discovered I had no more cheesecloth. Thursday is one of Geordie’s days to have the car, so I had no way to get cheesecloth until about 5pm, which would be too late to be of any help. So. I’ll try that another time. I took the spinach that I’d planned to use for the saag paneer and made this little side dish instead. For the rest of the meal, we just picked out of the fridge. I ate the remainder of some hummus I’d made to take to a get-together last weekend, while Geordie had leftover beef & ale cobbler. Such is the way things go sometimes. We both liked this, but it’s a little shocking that 1 pound of spinach reduced down to two 4-ounce ramekins. It was also a lot of work, blanching the spinach and shocking the spinach and squeezing the spinach dry and chopping the spinach. It’s not something I’d do on a day when I’m in a rush to get dinner done. Thursdays are a good day for that, fortunately.


Brussels Sprouts & Bacon Grilled Cheese (from Food Network Magazine)


This was a struggle. Not in the making of it – it’s a grilled cheese sandwich, there’s not much to it. On Friday, I had A Bad Day. Long story short: it involved the DMV. Isn’t that all that needs to be said? Anyway, I spent maybe two hours total at home before the end of Geordie’s work day, what with going to the DMV and then scurrying around town to do other things that needed to be done. I had intended to make a chestnut soup to go along with this, but that was not going to happen. In fact, most of the day, I just felt like going home and forgetting about cooking anything and just glut myself on the remainder of this week’s cupcakes. I’m happy to say that self-control prevailed. This may not be the healthiest grilled cheese, but it’s got a heap of Brussels sprouts on it, so how bad can it be? Plus, I went easy on the sweet stuff and did not blow my calorie count for the day. Nor did I get drunk, which was also tempting. I’m not looking forward to going back to the DMV to do everything I did yesterday all over again – even if I am more successful the second time around (I hope). Not even a grilled cheese sandwich can make the DMV a better place.