Fortunately, we did not have to wait until today to get the water fixed – even though every single plumber our Property Manager called said they had no time for it on Friday. The handyman (the one who hadn’t wanted to do the work himself in the first place) finally said he’d do it, because he really didn’t think it was that big a deal to fix it. He had it taken care of in 15 minutes, so I guess he was right. I’m just grateful that somebody decided to work on it! Going an entire weekend without water would’ve been a real downer. The next time something breaks, I hope it decides to do it on a Monday.

After all that, we’re hoping this week is more relaxed. The kittens go back to the vet on Friday for booster shots (and to make sure Yuzu’s tummy issues are over with). I’ve got a gynecologist appointment on Wednesday, which has got me more anxious than I thought it would. It still feels weird to be going without Geordie, but I’m thinking I can manage. I just want to get it done so we can go on to the next step.

Despite some stomach troubles, Yuzu and Mirin are doing well. They’ve really gotten comfortable with the house and us and each other, and we’ve seen a lot of improvements with their behavior. Mirin’s kept to the litter boxes now that we have one in the living room, and she’s much less interested in people food now that she’s found there’s kitty food available at all times. This is especially true after the vet gave me some probiotic powder to give to them once a day – they really love that stuff! It smells nice and meaty. Mirin’s been filling out some and looks less like a skinny stray, which is probably the best part.

And that’s about it for Monday. Have a nice week!