Since we moved to San Antonio, Geordie and I have talked about getting pets. We both grew up with animals, and we’re both fond of dogs and cats, though I think he has more of a preference for dogs, while I favor cats. Because we have a fenced backyard, we had considered going with a dog. But, it’s a small yard, the fence is in rather poor shape, and the gate is broken. Also, we have dogs on either side of us – two nice basset hounds to the left and an annoying little yippy dog to the right. So we decided that perhaps cats would be better.

Yes, plural. Maybe one, maybe two. No more than that.

On Thursday, my mother and I went to the city Animal Care Services and found these two young things. They were sharing the same cage, and though they were found in the same place, they seem to be different ages and therefore possibly not related. They were happy enough to sit and visit with us when we took them out of their cage.


We were able to bring them home on Friday, and today, they are spending their first full day in their new home.

It took us a while to decide on names. Eventually, we chose Yuzu for the black and white boy. For the tortoiseshell girl, we chose Mirin. Both names are Japanese: yuzu is a popular Japanese citrus often used in sauces and as a flavoring, while mirin is rice wine vinegar. As they’ve recovered from their surgeries, they’ve become quite active and are already showing off some of their personalities.

Yuzu, like his namesake, is bright and bold and active. His curiosity is well-developed, and he’s already developing a knack for getting into trouble. He has the gangling gait of a kitten with too-long legs – a kitten that will likely grow into a tall cat. He struts around the house, already comfortable in his surety that it’s his. He’s friendly and engaging, equally happy at play or purring away in a nice, warm lap. Whenever I sit down, he’s quick to jump up and make himself at home.

Mirin is smaller and thinner and still a little shaky on her legs, but she’s nimble when she needs to be. She’s also not afraid to pounce on Yuzu when the opportunity strikes. She’s a little more aloof, snuggling laps but only when she feels like it. She’s a bit timid still when approached, but she can also be affectionate, rubbing and purring like a champ. She’s not quite as curious as Yuzu, but she’s done a bit of exploring on her own too. Like him, she seems to know that this is her house now.

And so we have two little welcome additions to the family, and we’re mighty pleased to have them.