Family has arrived and presents have been bought and plans have been made: Christmas Eve Day is underway!

My Christmas card door in the foyer!

My Christmas card door in the foyer!

I want to thank everyone who sent us Christmas cards this year. This was the first time Geordie and I really put an effort into sending out cards as a couple. It was wonderful to receive cards from people near and far, from old friends and new friends. It made this season that much more special. Thank you!

As a bonus picture, here’s what Mom wanted to buy when we went grocery shopping this morning:


“Geordie and the Brussel Sprout Stalk” would be a great name for a fairytale.

I don’t generally eat brussel sprouts, and I’ve never cooked ’em before, so this should be entertaining. It’s quite likely that only Mom and Geordie will be eating them, as no one else in the house is that keen on them. I might try one. We’ll see how that goes.

I might not get a chance to post tomorrow, so I just want to say: Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope it’s a lovely holiday for everyone, filled with laughter and love and joy and hope for the coming year. Much love to you all!