I’m not sure how much I like this flavor combination. On the one hand, it’s very subtle, so you almost can’t distinguish the sweetness of the almond cake from the sour tang of the white chocolate cream cheese frosting. Then you begin to discern the two components, and you’re wondering how it is that they’re supposed to go together.

And that’s really what you’re left with. The almond cake is nice – I didn’t grind my almonds as finely as I should have, but I like the texture that gives the cake. The cream cheese frosting is nice, not overly sweet and holding its texture nicely because of a minimal amount of powdered sugar. But the white chocolate is merely a whisper. The frosting tastes mostly like cream cheese, with the barest hint of white chocolate in it. I’m not sure how well the almond and the white chocolate go together. They don’t complement each other as well as they should in this cupcake.

But then, I am not a big fan of white chocolate. Which possibly makes you wonder why I made this cupcake in the first place.

Well, I’ll admit it. It’s all because of how this cupcake looks.


I got the recipe from Food Network Magazine (though it can now be found on the Food Network website), in an article featuring four snow-white desserts. This recipe was incarnated as a decadent frosted layer cake, white as white can be. It’s a beautiful article, just as this is a very attractive cake.

But maybe flavor got pushed to the wayside a bit, hmm? It’s one of those cakes that looks so lovely and divine that it’s got to have a lot going in the flavor department to match its beauty.

I don’t think this one has it. Honestly, the amazake cupcakes – which look strikingly similar when you compare the two, identical cupcake holders aside – had better flavor. It had harmony. This cake is a bit discordant.

Which is too bad. I’m not big on eating almonds plain, but I love their flavor when paired with other foods. I like them in both savory and sweet dishes. Marzipan has long been my most favorite of candies. It is also a flavor I have long associated with Christmas (perhaps because of the marzipan).

But this cupcake just doesn’t work for me. Oh, well.

I’ll be using almonds again later this week, in an unfrosted almond cake I’m making for Geordie to take to luncheon at work. It will feature almond paste, which I do love to work with, and it’s a David Libovitz recipe, which offers much hope and promise.