Leftovers are clearly one of the best things about Thanksgiving. I love a little dinner roll sandwich stuffed full of turkey, mashed potatoes (or sweet potatoes!), a little gravy to hold ’em together, a little stuffing just because, and a little cranberry sauce for that sweet-tart effect. I swear, that’s like the best sandwich ever.

We used all our leftover duck for the pot pie though.

I used the recipe from my Better Homes & Garden Cookbook. It’s a good base recipe and allows some playing with seasoning and filling. It does not call for a potato of any sort, but I feel pot pie is not complete without a potato. Even a small one will do. And I add more mushrooms. I always add more mushrooms.

I only make pot pies in late fall and winter. Thanksgiving is like the start of pot pie season with me. Any time before that just doesn’t feel right.

This is the first time I made a rectangle pie. I had to. My only pie plate is still sitting in the fridge with the remainder of the pumpkin pie in it. I also, for the first time, made a single-crust pot pie. This was the healthier choice to make. It was also the messier choice. (Hence, no pictures of the pot pie on a plate. It wasn’t very pretty.) In addition to the duck, it had a cubed sweet potato, corn, carrots, and mushrooms. Geordie felt it could have used more seasoning; I thought it was delicious. Still, next time I’ll adjust the seasonings.

Of course there will be more pot pie this winter! I even went ahead and bought little 10-ounce ramekins so we could have individual pot pies next time. They’ll be so cute. It’s probably what I’ll do whenever we have leftover roasted poultry (it’s just as good with turkey as it is with duck, and chicken is no slouch either).

So, even though it’s going to get into the upper 70’s today, pot pie season is on!