These aren’t the cupcakes I wanted to make this week. I wanted to make some Mont Blanc inspired cupcakes, with pureed chestnuts and cream and other delectables. But it turned out I didn’t have enough chestnuts to make the necessary chestnut puree. I’ll be fixing that this weekend.

But I still wanted to make cupcakes because it had been two weeks since I last made cupcakes, so I stood in the kitchen and tried to figure out what I had on hand. It being a Thursday, halfway between Monday shopping trips, not a whole lot. I had pumpkin puree and oranges. Not the first flavor combination you would expect, but they pair pretty nicely. And when you combine them, this is what you get:



Pumpkin-orange cupcakes with orange buttercream frosting.

I actually could not find a pumpkin-orange cupcake recipe I liked. They all had excessive amounts of pumpkin compared to the one or two tablespoons of orange juice that went into the batter. I had three oranges that had been hanging around for a week and a half. I wanted to highlight them, show them off a little, not just dump in the juice of half an orange and call them “orange-scented.”

The sheet cake recipe worked perfectly. Cupcakes are pretty easy to make from a regular cake recipe; there’s no special trick to it. Pour batter into muffin cups and bake for 18-22 minutes. That’s all there is to it. I prepared the recipe as is and got 22 cupcakes out of it. Next time, I’ll make ’em a little smaller and try to get 24.

And there probably will be a next time, because these made for a great autumn cupcake. Both the pumpkin and orange flavors were prominent, which made them warm and cozy but also a little light and delicate. I was a little surprised at how great the texture was: very moist and springy. The kind of crumb I like in a cake. They weren’t an overly sweet cupcake, so the little dollop of buttercream went quite nicely with them. All in all, a winner! About 18 of them were consumed by Geordie’s co-workers, who apparently raved about them.  It always makes me happy when people love my cupcakes as much as I do! (Or more than I do, in some cases!)



I realize pumpkin gets overblown a bit at this time of year, but I don’t mind. I don’t go out of my way to serve pumpkin-y foods, it just happens! And it almost always turns out delicious, so I’ve got nothing to complain about. Earlier in the week, it was the healthy pumpkin pancakes, which were possibly the best pancakes I have ever made. Then it was these awesome cupcakes. Next week, it’s the quintessential pumpkin-chocolate chip muffins, which I am looking forward to because it has been forever since I had them. I have plans to make a pumpkin soup (eventually). It’s autumn, and I am unabashedly embracing the pumpkin. After all, it deserves it!