I’m not very “bloggy” today. I haven’t much time to be, really. Because yesterday was a holiday for Geordie, we hung around the house all day, and I didn’t do all of the stuff I usually do on Monday: shopping at HEB, food-organizing, laundry, dish-washing, shopping at Target, writing at Barnes & Noble. It’s why Monday’s post is usually so short. All that got done yesterday was the laundry and the dishes, which does make things easier today (even though I still have another load of laundry to do today). But I’m still in a bit of a rush today, because there’s a quick-bread I want to make, and I’d like to have it done before I go to pick up Geordie from work. And I still have shopping at Target to do. (So sorry, B&N, but it looks like I’ll have to save you for another day!)

Not that I’m complaining. I don’t mind doing all these things. I rather like being so productive and active. It just leaves little time left-over for writing anything of real substance. I’m squeezing this post in between grocery shopping and lunch. I still haven’t put all the groceries away.

I never thought I’d take very well to being a stay-at-home-person. It always seemed like a lot of work (which it is) that I wouldn’t like to do (which sometimes I don’t, re: dishes). But some of it is good. Like anything having to do with the kitchen (except for the afore-mentioned dishes). I enjoy grocery-shopping, which I do from about 8:30-10am. It’s a long process, grocery-shopping, but I’m happy to take my time because I can. And aside from the few things I get from Target later in the day, I don’t have to go back to the grocery store for an entire week. I realize this is probably normal procedure for most people, but not generally for me. At least, not until recently, like the past year or so. In Moriya, I lived right next to a grocery store, so unless it was raining, it was a simple matter to go whenever I wanted. It helped that Starbucks was right next to it.

I worried that I’d be bored as a SAHP, but it turns out that I can find ways to keep myself busy/entertained. Baking is one of them. Cleaning, not so much. I’m still working on that. I admit, I’m probably the worst cleaner there is. I don’t mind doing laundry, so that gets done. Everything else is a toss-up. Part of the problem is that I haven’t done up a cleaning schedule yet. That would help. I like schedules. I like having a neat, orderly time-table, because if I don’t, I’ll just forget about what needs to be done and play Sims all day. Time-tables and checklists give me a sense of accomplishment. It can’t be just a “to-do” list. I need deadlines.

Speaking of which, it is now 11am. Time for lunch. Then it’s off to Target so I can be back by 1pm to bake my bread. Maybe then I won’t feel so bad about blowing an hour on playing the Sims while the laundry runs.

Well, at least the rest of the week isn’t so regimented. It’s really just a Monday thing. Except this week, it’s a Tuesday thing.

Hmm. By not working, four-day weeks aren’t really all that exciting any more. Interesting.