Before we moved in, nobody had really been taking care of the yard. From what we heard, the house had been empty about three months before we came along, so the yard looked pretty spectacularly overgrown. We discussed what to do about it, eventually deciding to wait until we were more settled in to spend money on either a mowing service or a lawn mower of our very own.

Well, about a week ago, we got a letter in the mail from the Homeowner’s Association politely suggesting that we should do something about the state of our yard. Not requesting, mind you. Strongly suggesting. This is quite within their rights, yes, because it’s written in the policy. Not that I’ve ever seen the policy or had even been living in the house a whole month, but that’s beside the point. Clearly, this wasn’t something we could put off much longer. And we both agreed that the yard looked like crap and needed a good mow.

So we went out and bought a weedwhacker, and Geordie waged war against the overgrowth. The front yard is done, which I deemed good enough to keep the Homeowner’s Association happy. The backyard is fenced in, and you can’t see it from the street, so I’ll be more than a little irritated if they complain about that. Geordie’s working little by little on the backyard.

I have such a nice husband. He’s so adorable when he does yard work. I totally dig those sexy glasses.

The back yard.

The front yard.