The 4th of October is unofficial Cinnamon Roll Day. In Sweden.

Why is this important to me? One word: IKEA. It came from Sweden. Apparently, so did cinnamon rolls, according to some.

But really, do you need an excuse to make cinnamon rolls? Of course not. They’re cinnamon rolls. They are always welcome.

Okay, maybe not always. Like when you’re trying to be good and not inhale copious amounts of sugar. Given the circumstances, though, I’m willing to make concessions.

What I’m not willing to do is make both cinnamon rolls and cupcakes. That’s more sweet and sugar than my hips can handle in a week. So I did what any self-respecting cupcake baker would do: I made cinnamon rolls into cupcakes.

They didn’t come out quite right.

I wanted a cupcake that tasted like a cinnamon roll, not a cinnamon roll stuffed into a cupcake holder. For one thing, cinnamon rolls take yeast and require rising and yadda yadda yadda. That’s not what cupcakes are about. Cupcakes are (generally speaking) just little balls of easy-peasiness that take about 30 minutes total to mix up and bake (or an hour, if you’re slow like me). So, I went looking for recipes and found that one and said, “That’s exactly what I want!”

Only, I got something else.

I know what went wrong. First, and I’m not sure if it really made a big difference, but I had to cut the recipe in half because I only had one egg (and no car with which to go and get more eggs). I should have been able to get six cupcakes out of the batter, but as you can seen, I got four. Which leads me to the second thing I probably did wrong: I over-filled the cups. I followed the cup-filling instructions exactly, but mine blew up to gigantic proportions and just kept on going. When I pulled them out of the cupcake tin, the tops came off. It was not a happy moment. If you look at my cupcakes and then go look at the cupcakes in the recipe, it’s just a sad, sad sight. I wanted happy, pretty little cupcakes like I usually get. Hers look perfect. Mine are just sad. The other cupcakes are probably laughing at them, and I wouldn’t blame them.

Fortunately, these cupcakes get a happy ending. They taste marvelous. Perhaps not exactly like a cinnamon roll, more like some cinnamon-y muffin. It helps that I spread upon them the best buttercream that I have made thus far in my brief amateur baking career. Perfectly smooth, perfectly fluffy, perfectly (sinfully) sweet and delicious. Perfect for a cinnamon roll. I made it for last week’s cupcakes (which, despite being pretty, will not have a happy ending, because ew) and had plenty left over in the fridge. I didn’t see the point in making more frosting for four woe-begone cupcakes, so I just slathered it on. It became bestest friends with the cupcake and taste buds everywhere rejoiced.

And the moral of the story is: sometimes recipe instructions are meant to be ignored.

I liked these cupcakes, and I’d be happy to make them again some time. With adjustments. I’ll do a full batch, for one thing. And for another, I’ll fill them with what I think is a appropriate amount and see what happens. For now, I’ll say that there’s nothing wrong with the recipe, only the execution. And considering how yum these turned out, that’s a forgivable offense.

So, happy Cinnamon Roll Day! Enjoy one belatedly. Go ahead; cinnamon rolls don’t care if you’re late or not. They’re very forgiving.

Unlike hips. Stupid hips.