Well, it used to be an all-mighty computer. Now, it’s just an old, slow laptop. It’s why I got the big, shiny new desktop computer.While the laptop does still work, I wanted something faster and straining to do even the simplest of tasks. It works really well as a word processor, and it still runs a (slow) incomplete version of the Sims 2. But now it has decided that running Internet Explorer is too much for it.

For example, as I write this in the text box, none of the words are showing up. The cursor is moving, so I assume that the words are registering (seeing as how the word count keeps going up and the draft keeps getting automatically save). But I just can’t see anything. It’s going to make it exceptionally hard to proofread and edit.

Now, Geordie just recently got himself a new, snazzy laptop that processes neat andeasy as you please. But it’s his computer and I can’t keep – I’m sorry, I was sdistracted mid-sentence, and I can’t remember what I’ve already written, and I can’t see it to go back to it and complete my thought. That thought being: I want to use Geordie’s computer all the time, but it’s not mine, it’s his, and he won’t let me. Well, he’ll let me when he’s not around (which has been more often lately as he goes out to work with his father(, but when I do get on his computer, I’m strangely drawn to the Sims 2, which on his computer is fully complete and loads faster than it takes to go downstairs and find a snack. So, while the internet is so much better on his laptop, I usually just go straigh to the game.

Long story short, one of the reasons I haven’t been posting much is because my laptop hates the internet. Has, infact, hated it for a long time. And the internet hates it. My operating system is so out of date that the internet can’t stop laughing at it. Except it does stop, but only then to spit upon it and refuse to play nicely. And this makes writing on my blog rather infuriating. In fact, I have no guarantee that this post will even be saved or show up as I hope it will. And posting pictures of cupcakes? Right out. Not going to happen.

In other words: I’m offically taking a break from blog-writing until I get back home to me fast, fully cooperative Japanese computer. Did I mention that it was in Florida while I’m here in Massachusetts? Well, it is. And that’s why I haven’t written much. Well, one of the reasons. But every time I sit down to write a post, my computer issues haven usually driven me away again. As it stands, we’re planning on heading back to Florida about the second week of July

Okay, got distracted again, and now I can’t remember the last thing I wrote. Did I finish that sentence? Oh, well, moving on.

Anyway, July. Expect more blog posts in July. The isea is to be back there by the 12th or 13th. Something like that.

Once again, I’ve been distracted, and I have no idea what I’ve just written. Just, don’t expect much of me this month. Not that you;’ve had much of me in the past two months, but that’s just my point. Writing blogs on computers that refuse to cooperate is not eay. End of story.

See you on the 28th. Or, if I can ever resist the lure of Sims 2, maybe before that. I do have quite a few cupcakes to talk about. Also: pictures of Gour frist anniversary trip. And maybe other things. I’ve missed blogging, I really have. I just haven’t had the patience for it recently. Or fo this computer. I don’t know whether to yell at it or just feel sorry for it.

Unfortunately, neither of those gets it to run any faster, so I’ve been more inclined to ignore. That’ll teach it.