It’s been a rough month. It was only this week that I actually felt like I was over the stomach bug I had at the beginning of the month. Mother’s Day was . . . difficult. I pretty much ignored the fact that it was happening, which might not have been the best way to deal with it. But I made it through without tears, and that was good enough for me.

That’s not to say that I feel great. I feel okay. I’m making it through. I’m having more good days and fewer bad days, and that’s an accomplishment. But I still miss her. I’ll always miss her.

My in-laws are musicians, and last night, they rehearsed with a couple friends for a gig next month. They played a song that I have always loved but has taken on so much more meaning since Lauren died. Particularly with the second verse.


I haven’t posted much this month. Maybe that’s a good thing, but I do miss posting. I’m hoping to be more productive in the future. But that’s always my hope – my goal. I’m still working on it; I haven’t given up yet.