Since we came back from Japan, Geordie and I have been living with my parents in Florida. We’ve seen a lot of my family; we haven’t seen much of his. We’ve been all over Florida and been to places that are near and dear to me; not so much of his. This week, we are taking steps to change that.

In the space of five days, we plan to drive from Florida up to Massachusetts. We’ll spend the first night with some of my relatives in North Carolina. Then we’re staying two nights in Washington D.C. so we can enjoy the sakura festival there. We’ll then head up to New Jersey and stay with an old friend of Geordie’s. And then we’ll arrive at his hometown in Massachusetts. It’s quite a ways to drive, but we’re going to stay a couple weeks, and it’ll definitely be worth it to see more of Geordie’s family and where he came from.

We’ll have internet along the way, and I have a couple posts I’m working on to post, so the blog here will not fall silent. This is definitely something we need to do, especially since we may be settling down in one place come May. Nothing has been settled along those lines yet, but we’re hoping for some good news this week. I’m eager to have a place of our own and get back into living our lives the way we want to. My parents have been beyond awesome, but I’m looking forward to living with my husband – and just my husband.

So, today we start out on our road trip. I probably won’t be writing a whole lot during the week. I’m doing most of the driving (I just happen to like it more than Geordie does!), and when I’m not driving, I can’t do much of anything because of the extreme motion sickness I get. But I should have some pictures to share along the way!