Cupcakes have become my obsession. I don’t think about them constantly, but I do think about them a lot. Last weekend, I made two cupcakes.

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes - bring on St. Patrick's Day!

These are Irish Car Bomb cupcakes. I have never had the drink after which it is named. I doubt I ever will. Some people like them, some people hate them. Everybody loved these cupcakes. They’re a chocolate-Guinness cupcake with a chocolate-whisky ganache and Bailey’s Irish Cream frosting. I have no idea how the drink tastes, but the flavors in this cupcake all melded together perfectly. What’s so sad is that teetotalers can’t really enjoy it; while the Guinness bakes into the cake part, the whisky and Irish Cream are untouched and still potent. There’s not much of them in there, but they’re there.

I made these as a preparation for St. Patrick’s Day, and I was considering making a batch of some other cupcake for the holiday this weekend. No longer – these are definitely going to be made again. In fact, my brother requested that I make them for his party on Saturday. Gladly!

Over the weekend, Geordie and I took a little road-trip to visit his aunt, as well as my best friend Heather, who happens to live in the same town. Heather’s daughters are Girl Scouts, and cookie season is winding down. Which means, for us, a yearly round of cookies we really don’t need! I have to admit, I was a little disappointed with the cookies. They don’t seem as flavorful as I remember. So, it didn’t take me long to decide that I wanted to put some of those cookies in cupcakes. Heather and I had the time only to make Thin Mint cupcakes.

Thin Mint Cupcakes - the evolution of Girl Scout cookies!

We did alter the recipe a little. Instead of putting a cookie in the bottom of the cupcake, we didn’t. And we didn’t make the Andes ganache. Perhaps those omissions made the cupcake less amazing than it should have been. But, perhaps not. It was a good cupcake, just not what I had imagined. I’m going to make these again, with some variations to see what works best. I think I can make them better than the last batch. I want it to be like eating an actual Thin Mint!

And, of course, I have plans for future cupcakes. I want to do a raspberry rosewater cupcake for the Vernal Equinox. I still want to play around with Girl Scout cookies and try a Tagalong cupcake. And since I was able to buy mochi flour and azuki beans, I want to make mochi cupcakes with sweet red bean paste. And possibly a sesame cupcake. And if I’m lucky enough to get my hands on some cherry blossoms, I’d love to make sakura cupcakes for the upcoming cherry blossom season. I do have some sakura sugar, I’m just not sure how well it would work. Also, I don’t have a lot of it to play with, so if I mess things up, I probably won’t get a second chance for a long while. For now, I figure I’ll focus on what I can make. I’ve got plenty of ideas to choose from!