A year ago, I was sitting in my apartment in Moriya, Japan and writing an email to my brother. And then the earth began to move. It moved in ways I’d never felt before, in ways I never thought it could. Although I was lucky enough to be outside the major damage area, but the Tohoku Earthquake changed my life nonetheless. It was a day I will never forget.

I’ve already written about the actual earthquake and my experience of it. You can read that post at The Earthquake. There is more to this story. There was the walk to work and all the aftershocks that forced us all home early, the transportation lockdown that stranded people – including Geordie, who was a three-hour train ride away, the worry for him being further north and therefore closer to the epicenter, the exhausting and sleepless night as I lay awake in the dark and wishing the earth would stop moving, the wait to hear from Geordie, the wait for him to arrive home. And the weeks that followed, with the threat of radiation, with the episodic panics, the decisions we made – including the one to stay in Japan and see things out, even though I was three months pregnant. It was the most turbulent spring I ever experienced.

I’ll write about those weeks eventually. Soon, I hope. My story is not so harrowing, but I know how lucky I was. I know people who lost everything to the earthquake and the resulting tsunami. My thoughts and prayers go out to them tonight, to the ones who were lost and to the ones who survived.