I watch guilty pleasures like Cupcake Wars. It’s starting to affect my brain. I watch these bakers and their crazy cupcake ideas, and I think, I want to try that. I can do that!I’m pretty confident I can do the baking part. Not so much the decorating part.I’m glad it’s cold outside because it doesn’t last very long! Just long enough for me to appreciate the warmer weather that’s settled in recently.

I wish I could just pay someone good money to do all the cleaning: dusting, laundry, vacuuming, dishes. Especially the dishes.

I love discovering unexpected movie gems like the Poirot movies starring Peter Ustinov. Awesome. Why have I not ever watched these?

I feel like a 5 year-old when it comes to those afore-mentioned cupcakes. There’s something very comforting about baking, very homey. Also, I still like to lick the bowl.

I feel like it’s one of the world’s great injustices when I have a meal at a restaurant that I think I could have cooked better.

I write a blog post and realize that I managed hit my word count for the day. Or even just half my goal. Even that’s good.

I feel inspired to be a better person when I’m with my husband. Geordie can be so funny: he’ll rant and rave about the crazy things people do, but he is decidedly the most generous, courteous, altruistic person I know. He is the truest gentleman I have ever met.