Last week was National Pancake Week in the States, and I wanted to take part in it by making a different batch of pancakes each day. That ended up not happening, for two reasons: 1. I fell into my funk and 2. we were swamped with leftovers and I had to stop making food so we could eat what was in the fridge and free up some space. I was very happy with pretty much everything I made last week (including the pancakes), and I’ve got a couple new recipes to add to my Official Cookbook. I wanted to write a post today, so I thought I’d share some with you.

On to the pancakes. Oh, the pancakes!

Let me start by saying that I’ve never actually made pancakes before. I’ve mixed up the batter and done all that, but I’ve never stood over a griddle and flipped pancakes. As a result, some of them were messy. And some of them got a little too done. But for the most part, I was happy with them. I ended up making three different pancakes (with plans to make a fourth this Thursday – beer pancakes, which Geordie is quite keen to try).

I started with raspberry pancakes, which I loved. I got this recipe from my Taste of Homes diet cookbook; two pancakes is about 180 calories. We splurged and had bacon with them, something I don’t allow myself very often. My only problem with these was that I probably put in too many raspberries and so they got a little bit mushy. But I love raspberries, so the flavor was great. I’ll definitely make them again. And I like that they’re relatively healthy and not so high in fat and calories, which allows me to use a little bit of real maple syrup with them! Also, the batter didn’t make a huge batch. It was enough for Geordie and me, plus three for a shared snack later.

Next, I decided to stick with a healthy recipe and made blueberry ricotta pancakes. This recipe comes from the Calorie Countdown Cookbook, which I have had for ages and use as often as I can. For two pancakes (with blueberry syrup), you get about 280 calories. I’m happy with that. We had bacon with these too, just because we could.

Ricotta pancakes - so light and moist. I'll probably put the blueberries in them next time.

Last, I made orange pumpkin pancakes, which were not of the healthy variety. Even so (or perhaps as a result!) they were quite tasty pancakes. The pumpkin flavor was really good, but I didn’t get much of the orange coming out. I’ll add more zest next time. And I’ll halve the recipe! This made soooo many pancakes, enough to cover breakfast for the next two days because we would only eat two pancakes per sitting. To counteract the calories lurking in these babies, I made my own sausage patties, using a recipe from the Biggest Loser cookbook/site. These had great flavor, but they were dry as a bone. I expected as much – we used lean pork and there was no fat at all to moisten them up. Because I made them so big, they probably also got overcooked a bit. Learning from my mistakes and making them smaller next time! As for the batch we did have, a little barbecue sauce livened them up a bit.

The pumpkin pancakes came out looking a little overdone, but they tasted quite good.

I have some dinners I want to post about too, but I’ll do that later in the week. If I did that now, this would turn into an insanely long post. Also, that means I have something else to post in a couple of days when I’ll be avoiding the computer because I don’t want anything to do with the internet. With each day that goes by, I feel a little bit better, but I’m still a work in progress. But any progress is better than no progress, so I’ll take it.

Many thanks to those of you who have posted comments recently. I really appreciate that. Blessings to you all.