Mount Fuji (富士山, Fujisan) is an iconic symbol of Japan and rightfully so. Each time I saw the glory of Mt. Fuji, I was again awed by his size, his sheer presence. And this was even after we moved to Susono and could see him from our front door. Despite his size, though, he can be quite elusive. The best time to see him is early in the morning, especially in the winter. To see him well, the day must be perfectly clear, but even on sunny days, clouds tend to shroud him.

So for today, enjoy some pictures of the old man himself.

The view of Mt. Fuji from our apartment in Susono.

Mt. Fuji with umbrellas.

Mt. Fuji just before dusk.

Mt. Fuji, shrouded - as he often is - by clouds.

Mt. Fuji, early on the morning of October 4th, nearly one week after Lauren was born.