As proud as I am of having maintained my posting schedule for eight weeks, I’m due for a break. Sometimes, I just get tired of the internet, and I need to allow myself a little slack. I can feel myself getting to that point now. So, to help myself out a bit, I’m relaxing my self-imposed posting requirements. My goal now is to post at least 3 times a week, maybe every other day. Given my current frame of mind and other goals I have set for myself, I think that’s more reasonable. Also, if I do get this long-term sub job, I definitely will not have as much time as I would like to devote myself to long, daily posts. Especially if I want to keep writing on other projects.

The past couple weeks have been really hard. I miss Lauren more and more with every day that goes by. I’m not cutting back on my blogging because I need the writing less: it’s still very much part of my grieving process. I just need some time to be present in my life and try to figure out what I want.

So,  no post tomorrow. Come back again on Saturday. I already know what I’m writing, I just have to get it written.