This is Rabbit-sensei:

Rabbit-sensei astride her favored companion (my snuggly bear Koby).

She is Geordie’s mascot/teaching assistant, and she’s been with him for a long time (much longer than me, in fact). Rabbit-sensei is a seasoned traveler: we take her with us pretty much wherever we go.

Rabbit-sensei helps Geordie drive (or is it the other way around?)

Rabbit-sensei meets the deer at Nara Park.

She is also partially the namesake of this blog’s web address: the “redrabbit” part comes from her. She is very much a part of the family.

Rabbit-sensei loves cake - especially carrot cake!

Rabbit-sensei very kindly served as my bridesmaid when we got married.

And after years of putting up with Geordie, she is quite the patient girl. Who also just happens to like sharp things.

Rabbit-sensei is fond of dressing up - and also, sharp objects.

Well, who can blame her? There’s no telling what eight years of living with Geordie can do to a rabbit. She just likes to be ready for anything. You never can tell where she might show up.

Rabbit-sensei amid the early sakura blossoms.