A little post inspired by young people in love, a cute little blog by a talented artist about her life (careful, BLMs: she’s expecting). She does a weekly thing called “sometimes,” and I thought it’d be fun to join in.

I get weirdly excited about Dungeons & Dragons. Gaming with friends puts me in a happy place.
I feel overwhelmed with gratitude when people post comments on my blogs. It makes me feel loved!
I can’t stop thinking about Lauren. She’s with me all day, every day.
I just want to eat lovely, ripe, creamy avocadoes all day, every day. 
I am kinda a bad person and don’t count my calories properly. I kinda “ballpark” things. Would probably explain why I haven’t lost much weight yet. (2 pounds down! 23 to go . . .)
I wish I could dye my hair a nice auburn color. That will never happen, as I’d have to bleach first, and I’m not willing to do that. Also, I’ve dyed my hair before. Never again.
I just don’t understand the allure of Harry Potter. Never have, never will.
I can’t believe how close I am to finishing a novel. I’ve got everything plotted and planned, I just have so little motivation to get it done.
I strongly consider spending a lot of money on outfitting a kitchen the way I want to. I have a dream kitchen. I doubt very much it will ever become a reality.