I don’t have much time for a lengthy post today, so I thought I’d share with you a video.

We used to sing to Lauren before she was born, Geordie especially. We would lie on the bed, and he would press up against my belly and sing to her: Irish folk songs he knows, murder ballads, the Beatles, Jimmy Buffett. A lot of these songs are hard to listen to now, so deeply do we associate them with our daughter. She was often active during his serenades, and I always hoped that she would have not just a love for music but a talent for it as well, passed down to her from Geordie’s side of the family.

Although I like to sing, I’m not terribly good at it. I used to sing to Lauren only when Geordie wasn’t around. I had just a few songs that I liked to sing to her – short lullabies and long-cherished children’s songs – but this one was always my favorite. Now that she’s gone, it means even more to me, a prayer to her to let her know that I will always look after her, that she will always be my daughter, precious and beloved.