One of my resolutions this year is to lose weight. And not just a little weight – a lot of weight. I’d really like to lose 30 pounds by June or July. Not just for health reasons but because I’d really like to be able to try to get pregnant this summer. But also mostly for health reasons. Although I stayed active in Japan (the horseback riding lessons, bicycling and walking everywhere, enormous flights of stairs at every train station), the pounds inched back on, and some of the weight I lost in 2007 came back. Not all (thank heavens!) but some.

Today was the first time I weighed myself since the week before Christmas. I was really quite terrified of what the number would be after all the eating we did over the holidays (two kinds of lasagne at the family party, excellent steak dinner and fajita lunch at my cousin’s, oysters and ribs and an awesome bleu cheese salad at Geordie’s aunt’s, the most delicious lobster bisque ever for New Year’s – and that’s not counting all the sweets!), so I gave myself some time to drop a bit of it. I was pleasantly surprised. I weighed two pounds less than I did the week before Christmas. Excellent! A better starting point than I had anticipated. I’m ready to lose more.

I’ve been finding it hard to write generally about the future, because, really, it can be narrowed down to two things: I want to be thinner, and I want to be pregnant. I want other things too, but they’re more like daily habits than they are big life changes. So, from now on, Thursdays are going to be all about losing weight, getting healthy, and walking the road toward pregnancy.

I’m going to start this week by talking about food. Yay! One of my favorite topics!

One of the things that’s probably pretty obvious from my blog is that I love to cook and bake. I lik to eat too, but mostly, I love to cook. I love getting all the ingredients laid out on the counter and watch them become something delicious and beautiful. Also, it’s fun and relaxing. I feel right at home in a kitchen.

Because I haven’t really thought this post through and I’m just writing whatever comes into my head, I’m going to give you my menu for this week and call it a day. We’ll see what happens next week.

  • Monday: Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup.
    Holy cow, was this good! Definitely a new favorite winter meal. I took out the onions (neither Geordie nor I can stand them) and the green chiles (ew) and used canned corn instead of frozen. Also, we added a can of black beans, which really brought it together and made it a little heartier. We topped it off with reduced-fat Mexican Blend cheese, reduced-fat sour cream, and avocado. Delicious. I’ve read awesome things about avocado, so that’s something I’d like to get into one dinner a week.
  • Tuesday: Portobello Burgers.
    Geordie’s request. Awesome. I marinated the mushroom caps in balsamic vinegar and spices, and they were so flavorful. 80-calorie hamburger buns make me feel so much better about burgers, especially when there’s no meat! We also threw on some tomato and avocado left over from Monday. Also, because I LOVE mushrooms, I cooked up the leftovers from Sunday’s shabu shabu.
  • Wednesday: Cheddar Bacon Risotto.
    Okay, so that doesn’t sound very healthy. But I love risotto, and I figured this would make a great main dish. I used reduced-fat cheddar, sodium-free chicken brother, and lean turkey bacon, and it worked really well. We had zucchini strips for the vegetable dish. Geordie thinks zucchini is generally very boring, so I tried to do something to make them more interesting. Crunchy on the outside, melt-in-your-mouth on the inside. And reduced-fat everything for the dip, so it all works out.
  • Thursday: Smothered Pork Chops.
    Apples and pork chops. You can’t go wrong. This also has stuffing with it, so it’s a single dish that makes a whole meal. I like that. I haven’t tried this particular dish before, but I’m looking forward to it.
  • Friday: Buttery Crab Bread Pudding.
    I know, that really doesn’t sound healthy. But Geordie’s aunt gave us a huge can of crab meat, and I like to have seafood once a week. And if I’m really good the rest of the day, I won’t feel (too) bad about splurging for dinner. I’m still deciding what vegetable to have with it: corn or asparagus. I already have the former, so I’m thinking that’ll be easier. But I can’t help but think asparagus would go really well with the dish. Hmm.

And that’s all for today. Happy eating!