I began writing about Lauren the week after I found out I was pregnant, back when we were simply calling her “Lucky.” Nothing is really organized. I have paragraphs here, small excerpts there, a few odd sentence fragments. I wanted to write about my pregnancy, but I never had the energy or the wherewithal to complete anything.

Now, that’s all changed. For the past month or so, I’ve been going back and trying to piece things together and get my memories written down. It’s more important to me than ever to get Lauren’s story written, from the moment I knew of her to the moment I had to say goodbye. Back in the beginning, I had planned to write a post every week, so I organized them by the weeks of my pregnancy. And now, as I finish them, I’m posting them here.

So, here they are. All the time I had with Lauren, written down in black and white. I didn’t enjoy pregnancy, so I didn’t appreciate it as I should have. This is my way of tryng to make up for that.