It’s Christmas Eve, and I need some music! One of the things I love about Christmas is the music of the season. It’s taken me a while to feel comfortable singing again, but I’ve found that many Christmas songs offer up messages of comfort and hope, the two things I associate most with the winter season. I thought that, tonight, I’d share some of my favorite Christmas songs with you. These are the songs I love to sing and love to hear, with messages that mean the most to me.


Let’s start with something traditional. This is Celtic Woman’s performance of a beautiful, classic carol. The second verse is my favorite, with its message of love and peace.



How about something more modern? Here’s a song from a Christian rock group, Relient K. I love this band, and I adore this song, which acknowledges the darkness of life and offers hope for the future.



This song has become a classic standard, and though I love the Judy Garland version, I also love the simplicity that’s present when Chris Martin (from Coldplay) performs it. It’s a song full of tears but also full of sweetness.



“The Holly and the Ivy” is a beautiful combination of both Christian and Pagan imagery, embracing what I think of as the core of the Christmas holiday. This is a season that belongs not to just one religion but to many, and so much has come together from so many sources to become what is thought of as “Christmas.” Not everyone may agree about what makes this season so special, but we can at least try to get along and accept each others’ beliefs.



One of the more cheerful songs I’ve always liked is “We Need a Little Christmas,” from the musical “Mame.” It comes off of a down-time in Mame’s life, and she sings it to cheer herself and her family up. It’s bright and bubbly, but again, it embraces the idea that life is bittersweet.



And to finish, I give you what is possibly my favorite Christmas song. I believe it first appeared in the movie “Toys.” (yes, seriously. I don’t like the movie, but this song has stuck with me.) I’ve heard several different versions, but this is one of the best. Amazingly, it’s done by the carolers at Disneyland, and it sounds terrific. I adore the lyrics of this song; they’re simple, but they’re also a reminder to cherish what we have and look forward to the future with hope.