It’s one thing to know that she’s gone; it’s another to see it written down in black and white and shared with a community.

An obituary was not on my mind in the days following Lauren’s delivery, but about a week ago, my mother-in-law wrote to Geordie and asked if we would be okay with her putting an obituary in the local paper. Neither Geordie nor I had any problem with that, so she very kindly wrote one up. And it was perfect.

Lauren’s obituary in the Gloucester Times

Then my mother asked if we should do one for their local paper. I said that would be nice. So, we took Laurie’s lovely write-up and sent it in.

Lauren’s obituary in the Citrus County Chronicle

I cried a little about this – we should be writing birth announcements for Lauren, not obituaries. We should be celebrating her life, not mourning it. But at the same time, it’s a comfort to know that she won’t pass unforgotten, that people will know her name and know that she was loved. Is still loved and will continue to be loved. I hold her always in my heart, but I long now – as I longed all during pregnancy – to share her with others, to show them how wonderful she was and how wonderful she would be. I want her to be known and to be remembered, and this is one small way to do that.

Many, many thanks to Laurie and Ramona for making these happen. They are both much appreciated.